Inuunerup Nutaap Oqaluffia

Oqaluffik "Inuunerup Nutaap Oqaluffia" oqaluffiuvoq pinsilerisoq.

The Free Church with the name "Inuunerup Nutaap Oqaluffia", which means "New Life Church", is a pentecostal church. The Pentecostal churches were established in the time after 1953 as "missions houses" in different towns at the west coast of Greenland. It was mainly Scandinavian missionaries that started this work- After several years of good cooperation the missions houses between, a united free Church was established in year 2000 under the name "Inuunerup Nutaap Oqaluffia". The church was recognized as an independent church fellowship in year 2005 and are now represented in several towns and settlements. You can read about the different congregations on this web site.